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Arousing enthusiasm with

lively communication

Brand communication

Today, the customer is more than ever king and can choose from an extensive range of brands, products and services, some of which hardly differ. In the context of this flood of stimuli and information it is therefore even more important to charge brands and products emotionally. With the right strategy in the area of product communication, we help you to establish your brand permanently on the market and in the field of vision of your target group.

In addition to optimal timing, the right messages and images are particularly important - it is all about convincing with facts and inspiring with emotions. This applies to both B2C and B2B.
We have been involved in the communication of successful brands for many years:


  • Creation of integrated, cross-media communication concepts
  • Product and brand staging


  • Product launch concepts and brand launches
  • Word-of-Mouth and influencer campaigns
  • Planning, preparation and implementation of editorial tours and roadshows
  • Crisis prevention and communication (product tests, recall actions, etc.)

Media Relations

  • Media contacts and issue management
  • Writing and dispatch management of press releases
  • Writing and placing professional articles and user reports
  • Conception, organisation and implementation of press conferences and livestreams
  • Media and brand cooperations


  • Market observation and competitor analysis
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Your contact persons

Ann-Charlott Stegbauer

Ann-Charlott Stegbauer
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Christina Heinickel

Christina Heinickel
+49-911-530 63-115