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Arousing enthusiasm with

lively communication

Product communication


Now more than ever, the customer is king. He can choose from a wide range of products and services, which hardly differ to some extent. At the same time the diversity of information sources increases steadily. In this age of stimulus and information overload it is even more important to raise awareness in order to establish brands and products durably in the market and in sight of the target group.

The way to get there leads over a credible, honest and transparent communication. In addition to the optimal timing, in particular the right messages decide – persuading with facts and inspiring with emotion is key. This applies to both the B2C and the B2B sector.

Trust our experience, expertise and passion for communication when it comes to the following activities:

  • Concepts for product and brand launches
  • Creation of integrated, cross-media PR concepts
  • Product and brand management
  • Writing and distributing of press releases
  • Writing and submitting of articles
  • Conception, organization and execution of press conferences
  • Planning, preparation and execution of editorial tours and roadshows
  • Media and brand cooperations
  • Photo and video productions (PR photos, infographics, guerrilla PR)
  • Crisis prevention and communication (product testing, product recalls, etc.)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

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Christina Heinickel

Christina Heinickel
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